Let us help you "find your missing peace"


Jerred Roberts

Jerred Roberts


I have always had a passion for the outdoors and the activities you can do outside.  So I decided to combine my passion and my career and thus was born “Puzzle Creek Outdoor Company”.  I want to inspire others to pursue outdoor activity through hiking, camping, cycling and running.

Brandie Roberts


Brandie is the real force behind Puzzle Creek Outdoor Company. She holds down a full time job and helps with all aspects of the company as time and our two children allow.


Alan Herrick

Bike Manager – Forest City

As a youngster I found freedom and independence on my Schwinn Stingray.  It took me everywhere I needed to go and then some.  I transitioned to an English road bike before discovering the motorized, 4-wheel mode of transportation laying aside my 2-wheeled bud.  After many years of running I re-discovered cycling and a new passion for a sport I came to love as a hobby and means of transportation.  Now, I ride to reclaim that sense of independence and freedom be it on my road bike or fixie/single speed, and even the shop cruiser, and to help, others find their missing peace because “no matter where you go you’re there.”

Scott Mull

Scott Mull

Bike Manager – Shelby

I started road bike riding in the early Ninety’s. Helped along by a great group of folks that are the basis for the majority of these bits of wit and wisdom. The seven speed down tube shifters and toe clips were the thing then. I have been able to see the transition from those simpler times to all the modern bells and whistles we get to play with today.


Kelly Wilson

Store Manager

After a significant amount of weight gain in 2009 I decided I need to find “my missing peace” I started Running, started Hiking and discovered trees and blue skies were great on a Mother with ADD. Started Cycling in 2012 and after becoming a personal Trainer in 2013 I decided to Tri. Best decision EVER. That is when I Found my “Missing Peace”.
Now Working here at Puzzle Creek I get to help others find their “missing peace”