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We are an authorized Felt Bicycles dealer and offer a full line of road and mountain bikes.  We offer entry level models to complete carbon frame models to suite your style of riding and competition.  Stop by today and let us custom fit you for your new Felt bike and get on the road or trail and “find your missing peace”



In 2016 we expanded our line up of bicycle brands to include BMC. We currently have the Teammachine in Stock. Stop by and take one our for a ride and feel Swiss engineering at its best.

In Stock Bicycles

Team Machine SLR03 BMC Team Machinecsm_ALR01_105_red_3800_1441_MY17_5dc8de0111

3 Comments to Bicycles

  1. Danny Marquez

    I would like to know the price of the Felt F5. Let me know it please.

  2. Gary Childress

    I bought the Felt V110F from you guys today. You were very helpful and made it a great experience. I took it on a 15 mile run when I got it home. It’s set up perfectly. Gears shift very smoothly. Only thing wrong is the operator is still a bit out of shape, so I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow… lol.

  3. Bob Lattanzi

    I would like to upgrade my timetrial bike. The B14 I now have needs to get sold $1300.

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